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Compulsory Purchase Orders: The Basics and Beyond – London 5 November 2018 & Leeds 14 June 2018

4 October 2018 | Category

As we go through the day, the trainers break down the different stages of the CPO process, incorporating the many recent changes to the law, and give practical tips based on our extensive experience. The trainers discuss lots of real-life examples and show delegates how a CPO is made by talking through a real case from start to successful conclusion. The course briefly looks at the issue of compensation and explains how the different elements can be calculated. It is a course intended for anyone with an interest in CPOs from absolute beginners to those with some experience. For beginners, the trainers explain the issues simply and highlight areas that can be tricky. For more experienced practitioners, this is an excellent opportunity to hear how the recent changes in the law will affect them and their work. Trainers: Jane Linley and Fiona Anthony

Feedback from delegates:

“It was a very interesting session and both Jane and Fiona were extremely professional and informative. They made the session one of the best ones I’ve attended in all my 16 years of attending seminars.”

“Practical experience is clearly invaluable when delivering training and both trainers possessed considerable expertise and experience. An excellent training session.”

“Both presenters were engaging, knowledgeable and informative with a very relaxed and enjoyable manner. Many thanks and congratulations to both.”