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Town and Parish Councils

nplaw is a public sector legal service with a wealth of experience gained through many years of advising local government, public bodies and charitable institutions. We understand better than most the environment in which town and parish councils work and can offer them, as public bodies, an excellent service.

With more than 80 legal advisers working across our teams, nplaw can offer real expertise in matters as diverse as:

  • Ethics and standards, registration of interests and codes of conduct;
  • Governance and procedures, meetings, minutes and voting;
  • Elections and vacancies;
  • Footpaths and bridleways;
  • Allotments, common land and other open spaces;
  • Employment law;
  • Community transport schemes, car parks and traffic calming measures; sports and leisure facilities, community events and youth project; other facilities, such as street cleaning and lighting, litter bins, public toilets and bus shelters.

What are our charges?

nplaw offers town and parish councils a subscription service, which we believe offers excellent value for money. For an annual charge of £500 plus VAT, nplaw will provide you with up to ten hours’ advice and assistance. The subscription year runs from 1st April to 31st March (with no discount for those joining part way through the year) and there is no limit to the matters that you can refer to us during the year. If the ten hour limit on advice and assistance is reached during the subscription year, we will notify you and provide a quote for any further work that you may refer to us. Matters likely to be covered by the subscription service include:

  • Advising you by telephone, email or letter on issues such as council powers and responsibilities, short contracts and employment law;
  • Writing letters or emails to third parties on your behalf;
  • Reviewing your policies and code of conduct.

More complicated matters which might exceed the ten hour limit include framing planning objections or advising on community infrastructure levies. If we consider that the time spent on any such matter is likely to exceed the remaining time available under the subscription service, we will notify you at the outset.

For more complex matters, or if you prefer not to use our subscription service, we can charge on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate. We offer highly competitive rates but are flexible in our charging arrangements and will negotiate with you to find an arrangement that is within the constraints of your budget.

For further information, please contact Kat Hulatt at or on 01603 222264.