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Regulatory & Prosecutions

Fly tipping, dog fouling, rodent droppings…. Let’s face it, it isn’t glamorous.

But you don’t need us to tell you how vital hygiene and health and safety are for public well- being. Helping our local authority clients to protect the public is an important part of our work.


nplaw’s highly experienced advocates represent our local authority clients in the Magistrates Courts, the Crown Courts and before tribunals, on prosecutions for breach of regulations on:

  • food hygiene;
  • environmental health;
  • noise and other forms of nuisance;
  • properties – their use and condition;
  • fire hazards; and
  • flood and water management.

We also represent our public sector clients on orders to enforce regulations and appeals against notices of breach.


We don’t just help to enforce regulations. We can also assist in framing and interpreting them. A large part of our work in this practice area involves clerking for and advising the local authority committees responsible for the grant of licences, such as liquor, takeaway, entertainment, music, table and chairs, late night hot food and drink and taxi licences. We also represent our clients on appeals against decisions to refuse the grant of or to revoke such licences.

For further information please contact James Crosskill at or on 01603 222961.

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