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Empty Homes

nplaw’s CPO consultancy service undertakes a wide variety of CPO projects on behalf of local authorities throughout England and Wales.

Empty Homes CPOs

It is recognised that empty properties can have a serious impact on local communities. If the number of empty properties within an area is allowed to increase, so can the incidence of vandalism, which acts as a further disincentive to occupation. This in turn can lead to falls in house prices and the collapse of local businesses as households move out. This spiral of decline can continue as people don’t want to move into an area where empty properties and derelict shops add to a sense of neglect.

Where agreement cannot be reached with the owner of an empty property, a local authority may seek to acquire the property compulsorily. This is only possible where the authority has specific statutory powers to acquire land compulsorily for the proposed purpose, and should only be done where the authority can demonstrate that the acquisition would be in the public interest.

The benefits of local authorities dealing robustly with empty properties have been identified as social, regenerative, financial and strategic, and can:

  • assist in meeting housing need;
  • improve housing conditions;
  • regenerate blighted areas;
  • increase the Council Tax collection rate
  • assist in managing urban areas; and
  • produce better relations between local authorities and the private sector.

Our services

Our CPO consultancy service will:

  • advise on applicable powers of compulsory purchase;
  • prepare cabinet or committee reports;
  • prepare indemnity agreements when required;
  • advise on procedure and prepare all necessary notices and other documents;
  • advise on how to deal with objections;
  • negotiate with objectors;
  • prepare documentation to deal with objections by way of written representations;
  • undertake advocacy at public inquiries;
  • deal with confirmation of the CPO;
  • prepare notices to treat and general vesting documents;
  • register change of ownership at the Land Registry;
  • advise on compensation due to the former owners;
  • make Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) references.


Our CPO consultancy service also provides training on request.

For more information about training courses, please contact Fiona Anthony at or on 01603 222943.

For information regarding empty homes CPOs, please contact our dedicated mailbox at

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