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1 July 2016 | Category

The people have spoken, but until we know what form an exit will take, there is little that we can say about how the law will change. Whilst the present uncertainty is having an effect on practical, especially financial, matters such as project funding, the referendum has no effect on English law. EU Directives continue to have direct effect in the UK and the UK Courts continue to be bound by decisions of the European Court of Justice. That will remain the case, even after the UK gives notice that it proposes to withdraw from the European Union under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. It is only once the UK actually leaves the EU that our laws will change.

With so little information about our future relationship with the EU available, attempts at predicting how the law will change are perhaps premature, but some of our lawyers give their views on possible developments in our EU Referendum Newsletter. The reassurance that we can give our clients is that we will be monitoring actual developments carefully and issuing them with regular updates.