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The Great Legal Bake 2017

More than £200 raised from The Great Legal Bake

1 April 2017 | Category

nplaw took part in the ‘The Great Legal Bake’ on 24th February and raised more than £200 (as well as many of us gaining the sort of pounds that we don’t really want!).

We are among several firms/organisations that volunteered to get involved.

The Great Legal Bake is an event to bring together local legal and advice communities to celebrate the work of the legal profession in enabling access to justice for the most vulnerable in society. The proceeds go to the ELST (Eastern Legal Support Trust) who raise funds and distribute them to organisations that support those who need legal help but cannot afford it. Receiving legal help makes an enormous difference to people’s lives, helping to reduce debt, poverty and suffering. nplaw is proud to have taken part in this event to support such a good cause.