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High value Competitive charges


nplaw offers public bodies the choice of:

  • a full or partial service on an annual basis;
  • specific legal services on an ad hoc basis;
  • short term legal services provided at short notice – either to help in a crisis or as an alternative to employing one or more locums to cover staff absences.

Financially, nplaw is run in a commercial manner with time recording and case management systems in place. We generally charge on an hourly basis and offer highly competitive rates, but we are happy to work together with our clients to agree mutually acceptable charging arrangements within the constraints of their budgets. We can offer fixed fees, capped hourly rates and, in some circumstances, “cost neutral” arrangements such as deducting our fees from the proceeds of enforced sales. Unless otherwise agreed, we bill clients on a monthly basis and we provide our clients with accurate and comprehensive case management information on request. Our hourly fees are reviewed annually.

For further information, please contact
Kat Hulatt at or on 01603 222264


Fixed fees for CPO work and enforced sales


nplaw charges a fixed fee of £2,600 for a non‑contested CPO of a single plot. If there are objections that lead to an inquiry or written representations, we charge an additional fee at an hourly rate. VAT and disbursements are additional to the fixed fee and hourly rate.

For an estimate of our fees for a multiple plot CPO, please contact
fiona.anthony at or on 01603 222943

Enforced sales

nplaw charges a fixed fee (excluding VAT and disbursements) for the enforced sale of a single plot, which covers both the enforced sale procedure and the subsequent conveyance of the property to the new owner.

For an estimate of our fees for the enforced sale of a single or multiple plots, please contact Hugh Ferguson at or on 01603 222928 or 01603 222113/222083


Parish Council subscription service

nplaw offers town and parish councils a subscription service, which we believe offers excellent value for money. For an annual charge of £400 plus VAT, nplaw will provide you with up to ten hours’ advice and assistance. The subscription year runs from 1st April to 31st March (with no discount for those joining part way through the year) and there is no limit to the matters that you can refer to us during the year. If the ten hour limit on advice and assistance is reached during the subscription year, we will notify you and provide a quote for any further work that you may refer to us. Matters likely to be covered by the subscription service include:

  • Advising you by telephone, email or letter on issues such as council powers and responsibilities, short contracts and employment law;
  • Writing letters or emails to third parties on your behalf;
  • Reviewing your policies and code of conduct.

More complicated matters which might exceed the ten hour limit include framing planning objections or advising on community infrastructure levies. If we consider that the time spent on any such matter is likely to exceed the remaining time available under the subscription service, we will notify you at the outset.

For more complex matters, or if you prefer not to use our subscription service, we can charge on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate. We offer highly competitive rates but are flexible in our charging arrangements and will negotiate with you to find an arrangement that is within the constraints of your budget.

For further information, please contact
Kat Hulatt at or on 01603 222264


Schools legal advice subscription service

The nplaw school subscription service is a simple way for head teachers and school governors to ensure access to a full range of legal services. It is available to both local authority maintained schools and academies. For an annual fee currently based on a charge of 49 pence per pupil with a minimum charge of £100 for small schools, nplaw will provide initial telephone advice, and initial written advice and correspondence following this on your behalf for the matters listed below:

  • Parental or general complaints
  • Exclusion of pupils
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Parental rights including contact and residence issues (ie custody and access) in relation to pupils
  • Banning persons from school sites
  • Legal powers and duties of staff
  • Equality Act duties
  • Employment law
  • Negligence and personal injury
  • Contracts, before signing and any subsequent disputes
  • Disputes with neighbours, suppliers, contractors and other third parties
  • Copyright
  • Data protection and Freedom of Information (but, as above, limited to initial advice on requests received, not processing requests and preparing responses)

This list is not exhaustive and we attempt to assist you with any matter where we have the expertise to do so.

Our advice service is intended to provide you with support to deal with issues which arise during the routine operation of your school but which have a legal angle to them. For more complex or involved matters (typically where it would involve in excess of two hours of advice on any one matter) such as reviewing policies, contract negotiations, or responding to any court (or tribunal) proceedings beyond providing initial advice; we will discuss how best we can assist through our usual hourly rates.

We anticipate that demand for support under this scheme will fluctuate from year to year but if at any stage there has been excessive use of the scheme we will discuss how best we can continue to support you outside of the scheme.

For further information, please contact
George Core at or on 01603 222238 or 01603 222630