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CASE STUDY – Sarah Gibb

7 December 2018 | Category

Sarah Gibb nplawSarah Gibb

Joined nplaw in 2006
Senior Lawyer – Public Law & Standards Team

Tell us about your career journey

I did my training contract with a private practice firm in Peterborough. On qualification, I decided to specialise in commercial law and came to Norfolk County Council (now nplaw). I joined the public law team and have been here ever since.

Please outline your area of expertise. What might you do in a typical day?

I specialise in commercial law which means that my work includes advising on contracts, procurement, state aid, grant funding, outsourcing and TUPE, pensions, intellectual property, joint ventures and partnerships, as well as advising on charity and company law and other general commercial matters as they arise. I also advise on information law, being data protection, freedom of information and environmental information queries.

There is no one typical day in this job, we often have to react to matters as they arise which makes it a challenging but extremely diverse and exciting role. I can be involved in some very high value projects which require proactive and creative approaches to complex arrangements. The strategic and commercial nature of the advice I give means there can often be roles on project boards.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I most enjoy the relationships I am able to forge with my colleagues and my clients. We work very much as a team, being well placed to understand the wider influences and pressures that departments are under, and it is rewarding to see what you can bring to the situation and the trust that you are able to develop.

Why did you choose to work at nplaw?

I wanted an in-house role where the needs of the Council and the community were paramount.

What is the work/life balance and the wider culture like?

I think the work/life balance at nplaw is pretty good. I am trusted to manage my own time and workload and the flexible hours means I can make the most of quieter times.

It is a challenging time for local authorities but, for me and the clients I work with, the wider culture of team work has prevailed.

What do you do out of work and what is your proudest achievement out of work?

Outside of work, I am kept busy! I am learning French (very slowly!) and I sit as a trustee on the management committee for a local charity that specialises in supporting those suffering from, or who are at risk of, domestic violence.

What do you enjoy most about living in Norfolk?

Norfolk is a great place to live. Norwich is a small but vibrant city with the added bonus that you don’t have to travel long before you can enjoy the coast!